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WordPress Websites

While we are always open to working with other platforms, we find that WordPress most often fits the needs of our customers very well — and there are a few reasons why:  it’s a mature platform, its CMS capabilities make it easy for our customers to manage and it can be customized for virtually any need.

It’s a Mature Platform

WordPress started in 2003.  Since then there have been many, many updates to the platform to increase functionality and usability and improve security, among other things.  Increases in functionality mean more built-in features available for our clients’ websites.  Regular security enhancements mean less worry for our clients.

But a mature platform also means many people are using it — and this means additional contributions from the WordPress community (many in the form of add-ons, called plugins).  Plugins take the base WordPress functionality and extend it for a specific purpose.  Plugins can be used to add a calendar of events, a store locator, or an integration with a third-party software package that your business or organization uses.  Some plugins are free and some have a cost, but in the end, the availability of these plugins (and the maturity of WordPress and the WordPress development community) yields significant advantages to WordPress website owners.

CMS Capabilities

Yes, many website platforms have CMS (Content Management System) capabilities, but over time WordPress has evolved to have an excellent interface that is intuitive for techies and non-techies alike.  If you’re familiar with sending an email using Yahoo Mail or Gmail, then the steps needed to create a new page on your WordPress site will seem familiar as well.  In addition to the standard content updates in WordPress, adding images and even Youtube videos is a fairly trivial task once you been through it a time or two.


I’ve already talked about WordPress’ maturity and how that can allow for the use of plugins to extend the standard WordPress functionality.  But I’d like to talk a bit more specifically about themes, plugins and other opportunities to extend WordPress through customization.

WordPress’ theme-oriented approach allows us to take a basic-looking WordPress website and craft it into basically any design our client wants — all while being able to continue to leverage WordPress’ core functionality.

We’ve developed numerous plugins to serve a functional purpose on websites when no existing plugin exists.  That means, we can further extend WordPress to do more for our clients, again without compromising WordPress’ standard features.  This means you can continue to have all of the features of a standard WordPress website, with the bonus of having additional functionality to meet your organization’s specialized needs.  Custom plugins can be created to act as specialized “calculators” for your industry, to display real-time data from external sources, or any number of specialized functions.


Whether you already have a website and require some updates or are looking to build a new website from the ground up, we would be happy to talk with you about your website needs.  Contact Us today to get the conversation started!