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Bigcommerce Websites

In my previous post, I mentioned why we like to use WordPress for website development.  When it comes to e-commerce development, we find that most customers are best suited for a hosted e-commerce platform.  A hosted e-commerce platform is one where the client pays a monthly “hosting” fee that includes monthly maintenance and other updates.  On the other hand, a self-hosted e-commerce solution is one that involves the client paying normal monthly website hosting fees but is also responsible for separately maintaining the software on which their website runs (e.g. software updates, fixes, etc.).  There are a number of hosted e-commerce options out there (Bigcommerce and Shopify are two good examples), but they share one thing in common — the ongoing server support (including security updates and other fixes) are managed by the e-commerce platform provider.

Bigcommerce website

Bigcommerce website by WASHMO Media

As a company who typically works with small to medium-sized businesses, this means that our clients who use hosted e-commerce platforms don’t have to worry about keeping their server software up-to-date.  This also means they don’t have to pay additional, unknown fees to do so.

Aside from the concept of hosted versus self-hosted e-commerce platforms, our initial conversation with new e-commerce clients typically revolves around the type of store they’ll be running, critical features they need to have in that store (e.g. specialized shipping options, custom product bundles, etc), as well as integrations they may wish to have between their store and third-party apps (accounting, fulfillment, customer management, etc.).  Of course there are other details to be aware of as well — number of products, payment methods to be accepted and website design preferences.

With all of these aspects to consider, we found that we needed a solid “go to” platform for helping our e-commerce clients.  This is where Bigcommerce comes in.  In addition to being a hosted e-commerce platform (a plus in our book for the reasons mentioned above), we’ve found that the feature-set available with Bigcommerce almost always meets the needs of our clients and, ultimately Bigcommerce becomes the choice for their new store.

Bigcommerce offers numerous options for customizing products, shipping methods, payment methods, site design, promotions and coupons and more — plus it offers the ability to quickly integrate with various platforms such as Quickbooks, PeachTree, Infusionsoft, and more.

Check out our portfolio to see some of numerous e-commerce sites we’ve built on the Bigcommerce platform.

Bigcommerce offers a free trial where you can set up your store to see how it would work for you.  Feel free to give the free trial a shot and then Contact Us to discuss how we can help customize your store to meet your business’ needs.